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Our product is a solar powered battery pack that can charge or power electronics and appliances. Based on what you plan on powering, we offer a light, medium, and heavy-duty size. The product is composed of a solar panel to collect and bank energy that is connected to a power inverter so that you can just plug in your device and go. We believe there is a need for this because it is a clean energy source that you can take anywhere and it will eliminate the need for batteries. This is a benefit because millions of batteries are disposed of each year and just 

add to the litter problem that exists, so with our product that waste will be decreased. Our product will also help with the convenience of always having a power source for whatever you may need, and wherever you may need it. Almost everything nowadays is electronic and needs to be powered, but you may not always have something to charge it. With our product not only do you not have to worry about being without power, electricity, or even just the ability to charge your phone, but also not having to recharge the battery pack. Simply just leave the panels that are on the pack near a window or outside in direct sunlight, and you will have a charge ready to go wherever you need it.


Light Duty
300-watt pack

Used for things such as phones, laptops, and LED lights. This pack is made for on the go to charge mobile electronics anywhere you want as long as the battery pack has been powered up.

Product Image 1.jpg

Medium Duty 750-watt pack

For household or company items. This could potentially power things such as TV's, small refrigerators, computers, printers, and other small appliances.

Product image 2.jpg

Heavy Duty
2000-watt pack

This can charge or power almost anything you may need. It is usable for backup power and mobile power for commercial businesses such as construction that may not have a plug for their tools.

Product image 3.jpg
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